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Hire a Wedding Dress

Your wedding day is a momentous occasion that calls for a stunning ensemble that reflects your unique style and personality. While purchasing a wedding dress has traditionally been the norm, there’s an increasingly popular alternative that offers numerous advantages: renting a wedding dress.

This option presents a range of benefits that can enhance your special day in style. From cost savings and access to designer dresses to flexibility, convenience, and sustainability, renting offers a modern alternative that allows you to indulge in your wedding dress fantasies without compromising on quality or elegance. Consider exploring rental options for your wedding gown and embark on a memorable journey toward an unforgettable wedding day.

Shopping For Your Hired Wedding Dress

Much like an appointment booking to shop for a purchased gown, you will be treated with just as much attention and care. We will take you through every dress available to hire, there is no limit on how many dresses you are allowed to fit, and the hiring options are vast. So you will not be disappointed.

Booking Your Hired Wedding Dress

Once you have landed on your favorite design, we will determine whether you will be able to hire the studio sample or if a new gown is required. Sample gowns are hired out at 50% of their retail price and new gowns are hired at 65%. Note that reorder-ability of new samples for hire is at the discretion of the store. Full payment of your hire fee is due on booking the garment, but we do accept a 50% deposit and the balance within 30days.

What is Included in Your Hire and What is Not

Renting a dress from us guarantees utmost secrecy, cleanliness, and an exquisite presentation. Every dress comes with a premium wooden hanger and a protective dress bag, ensuring its pristine condition throughout the rental period. Say goodbye to laundry expenses, as we include a pre-alteration launder and a post-wedding launder as part of your rental cost. To enhance your ensemble, we offer a selection of additional accessories such as veils, hoops, and shawls. Please keep in mind that these accessories are priced separately, allowing you to personalize your choices from our exquisite range.


We offer in house alterations for all our rented dresses, ensuring a perfect fit just for you. Our skilled seamstress will personally meet with you to discuss any changes you need. We allow alterations such as side seam adjustments, hemming, and shoulder modifications. These alterations are available at a separate charge, ensuring that your rented dress will be customized to your preferences. Trust our experienced team to create a flawless and comfortable fit that enhances your overall look.

Holding Deposits

To fully enjoy the advantages of renting a premium wedding gown, a holding deposit is necessary while the dress is under your care. This deposit ensures the safe return of the gown and covers any potential damages. Typically, dresses are returned without any issues, and the holding deposit is promptly refunded within two weeks after the wedding. However, if a repair is necessary, the remaining deposit will be withheld until the repair is assessed and quoted by our skilled seamstress. Although it is highly unlikely, in the event of significant damage exceeding the repair cost equivalent to the full holding deposit, the deposit will be forfeited, and you may choose to keep the dress.

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